Pure Religion

As we mentioned in the previous posting, Cassie and I were able to attend an adoption conference a couple weekends ago.  It is impossible to put all the information from the speakers and workshops into a nutshell so for the most part I would recommend listening to the speakers themselves.  All the audio from the main sessions can now be listened to online so we linked them in this post (if you are interested in listening, each one is about 45min-1hour, but it’s so worth it!).

“Adoption and orphan care aren’t new ideas; they’re biblical ideas.”

~ Tony Merida, Orphanology

The evening started with Stephen Davey masterfully walking us through James 1:26-27, the “Pure Religion” passage. Next, we sat down for an eye opening (and sometimes confusing) explanation of the Trinity and “The Story Behind The Story of Adoption“.  You may need to listen to this one a couple times  :).  Dan Cruver was one of our professors at school and is the author of one of my favorite books, Reclaiming Adoption.

On Saturday morning we listened to Shawn Cordell speak on the hard truth of “The Tragic Beauty of Adoption“.  The final speaker, Tony Merida, taught us about how “The Gospel is Adoption“.  Wow.  What a refreshing and challenging conference.  We are still trying to process all that we heard, but if you want to truly know where the hearts of Cassie and Drew are in regards to orphan care, these guys nailed it.


  1. Rene · August 27, 2011

    My husband and I also went to this conference! We thought it was excellent and thoroughly enjoyed all the speakers. What a privilege to gather with people who share the same heart and passion for orphans.

    We are still trying to figure out how to pay down school debt and take a first step into the adoption process. We’ll be praying for you as your journey unfolds…God Bless!


    • wecantadopt · August 28, 2011

      Thank you for praying for us! The process is teaching us (sometimes the hard way) to completely lean on Jesus. He will provide a way for you and your husband. Comment any time, especially when you guys take that first step toward a kiddo!


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