Pieces of the Puzzle [video]

Enjoy this short movie about a beautiful puzzle that we are putting together and how YOU are part of it!



We put this puzzle together and prayed that bringing our child home would be a labor of love from the people we love.  So, if you give any amount (we recommend $10) to the Jackson’s adoption fund we will proudly write your name on one of these pieces.  If you want to give as  a family, thats great too!  One day we will show our child this puzzle filled with the names of people who expressed their love long before they arrived.


You can make a secure online contribution right here!


Thank you Michael, Dan, Nicole, Julia, Jim, Emily, Ina, Dan, Joe, Jaime, Aaron, Holly, Karen, Debby, Marianne, Dave, Shannon, John, Esther, Stephanie, Libby, Bob, Greylyn, Avery, Robert, Raylene, Nathan, John and Shalon for being the first to get your names on these pieces! (did we miss anyone?) We will update you all as time goes on… Stay tuned!