wedding surprise

This weekend my brother and I had the honor of walking our sister Jenny down the isle and giving her to Rob VanHouten.  It was, just as it was with Bethany, bitter-sweet.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem fair that dad could not be at any of his kid’s weddings.  Sometimes I wonder what he would say to us or if he would cry at the sight of his little girls as they approached in all white. These are the times we miss him the most.  But I do know that he would be proud of the women they have become and the men they have chosen.

I wasn’t planning to write about that but hey, that’s what came out so….

The wedding was absolutely stunning.  The bride, even more so.  The sacred union between Jenny and Rob was obviously the highlight of the day.  Hearing family read vows and commit their lives to each other will never get old to me.  The second most awesome thing of the night came at the reception.  Cassie and I had loaded up our fancy plates with fine cuisine and were sitting down at table 2 when…everyone at our table started staring at us.  At the same time we heard our names over the speakers and the DJ reading a note from the bride and groom.  Now the whole place was laser beaming at us as we listened to the voice explain that instead of the guests receiving “party favors” the bride and groom would like to give in support our adoption!  Cassie, being weak, was immediately in tears.  I, with he-man like fortitude, cried too.  Jenny and Rob were soon at our table giving us hugs and encouragement.  It was beautiful.

Each table held a pile of puzzle pieces that we had not even noticed.  Once the gift was made apparent to us, our untouched dinner was pushed to the center and we devoured the task of piecing it together.  Here is the promise:

A Father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy dwelling.  God sets the lonely in families.

Psalm 68:5-6a

Thank you so much Jenny and Rob!  And thank you Bethany and Chris for hand-painting each puzzle!

We are so loved.



Help our friends!

Hey everyone!

After entering into this world of adoption, we have had the privilege of meeting several awesome people.  One couple, Jim and Emily (their blog), have been such an encouragement to us.  Right now they are very close to traveling to Ethiopia to pick up their little boy!  With that said, there is a sweet opportunity to help them get there, but it only lasts till the end of the week.  So, head over to this site –> Give One Save One to watch a video of their story!

Thanks for reading!

Drew and Cassie


Breathe deep


we thought that we would be on the waiting list by now. BUT… this process is LONG! Many of our expectations have not been met, nor do we feel even adequate to be sending in this paperwork to our agency. Our life is full and prioritizing just seems to get harder and harder every day. This blog is almost embarrassing to write because the last time we “spoke”, we had such high hopes of being on the waiting list by now. Well… as it turns out, we still are waiting on a few documents. I have to just say THIS IS HARD! Not in a defeated way, but its just different than we expected.

Drew and I have been working hard to limit our commitments and simplify life. It would be easy to just blame our wait on other people, but truthfully at this point, we are waiting because we don’t have time to do what it is that we need to do. Today we need to squeeze in a call to the secretary of state, a notary appointment, a trip to my work to pick up a document and then go downtown to get it all State certified. Not to mention, the rest of life, which just seems to take precedence so often. We are so people oriented that many times we just do what’s right it front of us. Unfortunately our adoption papers just lie in the back room covered by half finished projects. We desperately want to be on top of things and say that we have done everything possible to expedite this process, but it’s not true. I’m sure that many of you can relate… but it doesn’t really bring our child home any sooner. I miss them and I don’t even know them. The way we bring that sweet baby home is not easy for care free, people loving, blondes like us…

Today we just need to take a deep breath, and keep pressing on.