thank you.

Thank You!

We were so encouraged by the constant flow of friends, family and even strangers who came out to YoLo last Sunday.  For three hours people filtered through to buy frozen yogurt on a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon.  Who does that?  Apparently YOU do.

Something else super exciting happened last week.  We finally made it on the official waiting families list for our adoption agency!  In addition to this, we are also NEXT on the list for a referral.  This means that we should be expecting our agency to call us in the next few weeks with information about the child they will match with us.  Adoption, we are learning, is never neatly laid out in front of you.  So, even though we are certainly moving forward, there is no certainty that this will happen soon.  We are not trying to be pessimistic.  We just want to give you a realistic view of what is ahead of us to guide your prayers for us and this little one.  With all of that said, we are celebrating this progress right now!

To celebrate finishing 10 months of paperwork and being on the waiting families list…we ate some steak.

A BIG thank you to the Ross family who gave us an Angus Barn gift certificate about 8 months ago.  We decided that we would save it for the day we got on the waiting list for this kiddo.  The certificate has been sitting in our coupon bowl ever since then and many times we have wanted to use it.  Well, we used it last night and it was AMAZING!  The date couldn’t have gone any better.

Thank you so much Ross Family!

(Brad, Jean, Alex, Avery, Anson, and Asbury)


Thanks everyone for reading our update!

Drew and Cassie


  1. hannah · April 28, 2012

    Im so happy for you both. You two are going to make the best parents. Love u!


    • wecantadopt · April 28, 2012

      We so happy for you too! Loved getting to see your announcement video on FB. Love ya!


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