Holden Beach via Instagram

We are addicted.  Or worse yet, Insta-obsessed.  So our 3 day vacation to Holden Beach is brought to you via square-cropped, over-filtered photos, complete with trendy #hashtags and @ signs.  Enjoy!



Who loves the sun? @cassielee8 does!

Holden Beach, NC

Robert giving orders to Bob.  He kept saying “no breaks!”

We watched this cloud “rain out” over the ocean #awesome

Robert rinsin’ off @holdenbeach

Morning stroll with @LucyPadula

grillin’ with my homies

Drew’s a poo.  #insidejoke

Uh… no comment.

The house

Greylyn and Avery love each other. #sarcasm

Happy Memorial Day!


  1. jordan watkins · May 30, 2012

    drew is a poo #outsidejoke


  2. Anne Arnold · June 2, 2012

    Great photos! It’s really easy to become addicted to Holden Beach! I am so happy that you are! Come back and stay for a lifetime!



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