just not enough

We aren’t going to say it.  Because someone needs to invent a two word phrase that conveys the kind of mind-bending gratitude we are experiencing right now.  Frankly, a couple extra exclamation marks or long strings of adverbs or ALL CAPS before the words, “thank you” just doesn’t seem to cut it.  When we got up on the stage and looked out it was as if someone had hired extras to fill in the open spots just to encourage us.  But, looking around it was clear that those familiar faces were there to see this adoption become a reality.  Guess what?  You gave generously.  Over $8,000 was brought in last night!  That money put us about $500 over the amount we needed to continue with this adoption.

We want you all to know that we saw God move in Cary this weekend [and in many ways before the night even began].  We walked out of the building on Saturday night exhausted, overwhelmed, blessed.  Even though it isn’t enough to express how we feel, we are “ok” with saying thank you and will probably say it to you many more times this year.

So here it goes…. ahem…mmhmm…


Hey!  Don’t knock it till you invent the new way of saying it.


If you weren’t able to make it out we will post some pictures from the event in a couple days.  It seriously felt like we were walking into some fancy couples’ wedding reception.  Still in shock.

It looked like everyone else had a good time too.  See if you can find your face down there!




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