trip to Ethiopia part 1


We made it safely home yesterday afternoon.  Thank you for praying us through.  Want to see more Bruk pics?  Ok!


Meeting him for the first time was surreal.  When we got to his room in the transition home he was standing up in his crib and in the same red striped pajamas from the the referral photos.  The whole scene looked so much like the pictures that we had a hard time accepting reality.  Then we got to hold him.  It still didn’t feel real but it was so wonderful.

On the way back over to our guest house, Bruk sat on Cassie’s lap [no car seat! yikes!] and just stared out the window stretching his neck toward everything that passed by on the road.

We soon found out that the “smiley baby” they described was truly a joy to be with.  He was ticklish, playful and really chatty.  Not to mention…dangerously handsome!

Cassie needed a few minutes to recover from getting sick on the plane, so Bruk and I ventured out into the courtyard.  Then BAM!  Something changed.  Sitting in the grass, just me and him, I felt not only like a dad for the first time but more surprisingly like his dad.   I can’t even express in words how happy that made me.

Momma had her moment too 🙂

Bruk loves a having anything in his hands.  We were so blown away by his curiosity with everything.  He is walking great and can make it almost anywhere without help unless he gets too excited, then down to the ground he goes.  But if he wants to get somewhere quick he does this awesome bear crawl that would put most NFL players to shame.

Bye for now!  We will post another bunch o’ pics from the trip soon.  Love ya!      The Jacksons





  1. Brad · July 15, 2012

    Streams are running down my face with the happiness i have inside. (P.S. I get the crying from dad sis) I Love You Guys and and so happy for you!


    • Rose · July 16, 2012

      I’m with you on the crying part. So happy for you and the rest of the Setter family.


  2. Ellie Machado · July 15, 2012

    He is gorgeous! Congratulations mommy!!!!


  3. Karen · July 15, 2012

    Sending lots of love from Eastpointe. What beautiful pictures!


  4. Shelly Toro · July 15, 2012

    We love you guys so much. Each picture is equally beautiful to the next but one touched my heart so much. Cass, the pic of you and Bruk laying on the bed together and seeing his precious little fingers playing with your hair. PRICELESS!!! Love you all so much. We can’t wait to meet him.


  5. Rose · July 16, 2012

    The pictures are great to see and I am crying with tears of joy and happiness for the Jackson family.


  6. Jordan · July 16, 2012

    holy hotdog. these pictures are amazing and make me cry every time i look at them. i’ve been showing these pictures off to everyone!


  7. Jamie · July 17, 2012

    He is absolutely gorgeous! We can’t wait to meet him in person!!!!:) Congrats to you guys both!


  8. Kris Amann · July 17, 2012

    Oh these pictures are so so wonderful. The start of an incredible story of three very happy people! As we cry with joy, imagine how Jesus feels watching you love this little boy. Love you!


  9. Cassie · July 18, 2012

    Thanks so much for your comments! He is such a happy kid! We both feel so privileged to be his parents:)


  10. Gramps & Grammy · July 19, 2012

    Love, love all the pics of your little SON, Bruk, and our 1st GREAT GRANDSON! They are all so precious…we want to just
    reach into the screen and take him home…You should have
    just closed the suitcase and brought him as we suggested!!
    But, we don’t want to go ahead of the Lord’s plan! When we were dating…Gramps and Grammy exchanged pictures…under my pic he put…”God gives the best to those who leave the choice and timing with Him!” So…we place that saying under Bruk’s pic. Hugs, Gramps & Grammy
    Our hearts and prayers are with both of you during this time
    of waiting!…
    Hugs, Gramps & Grammy


  11. jen · July 27, 2012

    I love that he is wearing the bacon shirt you got him!!!! He is sooooooooooooooooo great!! Thank you God for doing such amazing things for the Jacksons!! Praying for you and Bruk (and those who take care of him now) as you wait to bring him HOME!!!!


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