new beginnings

Yesterday we were submitted to the U.S. Embassy for approval! This is a huge step in our process. It all seems a bit much, but its for good reason that these steps are taken. This starts the final phase of our adoption and we couldn’t be any more thrilled.The U.S. Embassy is going to look through Bruks file and make sure that he fits the requirements and that he is able to travel and be legally adoptable by U.S. standards. This process is to help cut down on the corruption that has been taking place in Ethiopia in regards to adoption. We want Bruk home so bad, but for now we sit tight and rest thankful that there is protection for orphaned children.

This weekend we are in Seattle for a wedding and to see some family. I still can’t believe that we are out of town right now!… Yet, we are both so excited to see some good friends get married in an an awesome city! Drew will be taking some video (as usually) and I am going to help with the girls hair. Its so fun to be a part of the action on wedding days. We’ll be staying with my cousin Hannah who is super prego. We cant wait to celebrate her and their little one on the way! Hannah and Jesse have a sweet love thats contagious. So we’re looking forward to catching some of thier “love germs” while we’re here. We’re looking forward to this trip as a refreshment to our marriage and a time to celebrate with others. 

So thankful for new beginnings today!


speaking of new beginnings… here are the newest pictures of Bruk!

One comment

  1. jen · August 15, 2012

    love his little shoes!!!!! he is going to be cool like his mommy and daddy!


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