we’re bananas for Bruk!

Not too many days [hours] go by before we catch each other letting out long, painful sighs.  They come after glancing at our cell phones to check the time and seeing Bruk’s big ‘ole eyes staring back, or when we purposefully open the folder on our computer titled, “Bruk”, and click through the photos for as long as we can stand it.  It hurts to see him in two dimensions since we know him in three.  It’s scary how much it hurts sometimes.  The thing is, the pain is mingled with a sweet and overwhelming satisfying assurance that the journey is almost done.  [Ok, we know that our parenting journey is only beginning but when you have been anticipating something like this for so long, it’s good to recognize and celebrate the milestones.  This one marks the end of a gut wrenching separation from our son]. Cassie has always been the packer.  So tonight [one week away from the day we might get the “green light” from the US embassy] she has pulled out one of our little suitcases to pack a bag just for Bruk.  We have some ideas of what to bring, but most of this we are just gonna have to make up as we go.  We don’t know how he will do on a plane.  We don’t know if he will sleep or just cry.  We don’t know if anyone has ever been able to successfully change a child’s diaper on those ridiculously small tables in the airplane lavatories.  BUT we are going to get him and we are going soon!

Cassie adds:

Until then, we are looking forward to our Saturday morning “check up”! We get to Skype with Bruk every saturday. I guess its kinda like when pregnant women go to get the heartbeat checked. It’s so fun to see his little face (sometimes a little blurrier than others) and make sure he’s doing good.

Speaking of Saturdays… This past weekend, some good friends threw me an amazing shower while the guys went out for man breakfast! It was absolutely beautiful and really cool to be surrounded by people who love Bruk already. They want to care for him and his needs even before they meet him. Here is a picture of all the women Skyping with Bruk Boy! It was pretty hysterical to see 20 women crowded around a tiny computer screen to catch a glimpse of our boy. What  a loved dude and a special day!



One comment

  1. wecantadopt · August 31, 2012

    Thanks Jordan for “Instagramming” Saturday. We stole your pictures! ha


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