Choosing to laugh

So we haven’t heard anything yet. It wont be until next week sometime that we hear any news about our travel dates. The last interview did take place, but the Embassy has requested a few other documents to complete the clearance of our case.  Its been a rough week of waiting, but there have been a few glimpses of cuteness.

Such as….Our case worker sent us a picture of Bruk and his new “friend” at the transition home.

He is growing up WAY to fast!

Here’s a little something to keep you laughing. While we were with Bruk in July, we had to learn quick how to do a lot of things. One of those things was to put this little guy to bed! Here’s a video of Drew attempting to get Bruk to sleep without waking him up. It’s much harder than it sounds. Plus, I really couldn’t be any help to him because I had to hold the video camera and laugh as he tried to rock him to sleep.

This weekend we are choosing to keep laughing and be thankful for all we have.

Thanks for watching and giggling with us!




  1. jon · September 8, 2012

    drew used to have the same problem puttting me to bed too. You’d think he had enough practice by now 🙂


  2. Michael · September 8, 2012

    Too darn cute…look at that smile while he is sleeping. What a cutie.


  3. Jenn · September 8, 2012

    Love the video! Great job Drew 🙂 That is real parenting 101!


  4. Mary Fuller · September 8, 2012

    That was HILARIOUS!! Thanks for sharing, and we will pray for your wait to be fruitful. 🙂


  5. nicolette · September 9, 2012

    Oh man! I’m cracking up with you right now… partially because we’ve totally been there (although it’s a million times harder for you guys with a one year old who you desperately need to attach), and partially because I’ve been talking to my computer for the past 3 minutes and 10 seconds, “You can do it Drew, just lay him down. Just put him down, c’mon Drew!” 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • wecantadopt · September 10, 2012

      Yeah… I learned that shortly after this rookie move. Cassie watches this over and over and almost suffocates from laughter.


  6. shanners · September 9, 2012

    i am laughing so hard!!


  7. Jessica · September 10, 2012

    You two are adorable!


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