green means GO!

And thats what we are gonna do! This morning at 4:30am we got an email from the Embassy and… our case is cleared! We gave them some dates and then they will schedule whichever one is open.  So, we plan to travel NEXT WEEK!  As soon as we know the actual travel date, [and calm down a little] we will let you know in another post.  We are pretty stinkin’ excited right now.


We are coming Bruk!  Doesn’t he look excited too?!



So many people have made this moment a reality.  Most recently, Show Hope, has given us a chance to raise some extra money toward a grant they already awarded us.  You don’t need to give any money, all we ask is that you “heart” our profile on this facebook page –>  I heart adoption promo

Ok!   Time to pack!


Drew and Cass





One comment

  1. kathy Berg · September 19, 2012

    So happy and excited for you.


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