It’s time.


Alrighty… Tomorrow morning at 6:05 AM we will be leaving for ETHIOPIA!

Its hard to believe that by Thursday by afternoon we will be holding our Bruk and never have to let him go! Makes me smile just typing that 🙂

We return to NC on Thursday October 4th at 1:20pm.

If anyone wants to greet us at the airport, we may be a little jet-lagged but no doubt excited to see ya!  There is even a convenient waiting area at RDU for people anticipating the arrival of loved ones [that’s us!].

Here’s the details:

04 OCT 12  –  THURSDAY




 Once we get home from the airport we are planning to lay low for a couple of weeks.  We don’t know yet how Bruk will do with the transition, but do know it will be a dramatic change for him. To minimize the shock of this transition we are asking that friends and family please call us before “dropping in”.  Even then, we can’t promise that he will be ready for visitors.  This may sound odd and we know you want to squeeze him too.  But in this new process of being knit together as a family we want to do what’s best for him as he bonds with his mommy and daddy.

We are so excited for everyone to meet him!  Thank you for loving us and making this moment so much sweeter.

Sincerely grateful,

Drew and Cass



  1. Christy Howard · September 26, 2012

    So excited for you, Cassie!!! God is so good, and it is awesome to see how He has worked in this amazing way for you and Drew. Keep posting pics and I will be praying for the transition:). LoVe YoU!


  2. Monica Johnson · September 30, 2012

    So excited for you and can’t wait to see pictures and hear how his transition goes!!


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