don’t blink!


…because you might miss something new that Bruk is doing!

A lot of people have been asking how he is so we thought we would just show him off a little 🙂


He just started saying a new word.  Ma Ma!



Outside – his favorite place to be.



Try not to smile when you watch this…



New life…new everything!

Bruk’s first plane ride!  As we were walking down the Jetway in Ethiopia, a nice woman offered to take our picture.  By our gushing over him about the “big airplane” that we were gonna fly on, she could tell that we were having a special moment and jumped in to help.

Snoozin’ in the Dubai airport.  We had an almost 7 hour layover so we made the most of it by sleeping, strolling and giving him his first taste of ice-cream.  You would think that he would love it but…. not so much.


Since being back we have carved out lots of time for just being home and bonding as a family. Gradually, we have been introducing Bruk to his whole new world.

[Great] Gramps finally got the “knee” time he has been wanting for so long!

Of course, he loved playing on the floor with both of his Grandma’s! Aren’t they so cute!?

And what’s Fall with out pumpkins!?

Life is a lot more messy and it seems like the apartment is never “really” clean anymore, but hey, at least he pitches in.

Overall, our boy is really doing great. He enjoys being outside and taking baths (which tend to go hand in hand these days). Bruk is adjusting to us as mom and dad quicker than we had imagined.



It’s such a fun time of year to have him with us so we will certainly fill you in with the next great adventures!


The Jacksons






Is this really happening?

So… there is a sleeping baby in our back bedroom tonight. It feels surreal, but its completely true. Bruk Andrew Jackson is knocked out after flying 20 hours from Ethiopia today and yesterday. He was a complete Trooper though… actually he was kind of a celebrity in the airports. He has these big sweet brown eyes that draw people in and make them want to stop and kiss him 🙂

When we arrived in RDU we were welcomed by even more Bruk fans. Our family and friends loved on him and snapped tons of sweet shots.

photo by Jen  Quirk

Tonight after putting him to bed we chowed down on some good old Chick-fil-A to celebrate and will try to sleep as long as possible before the little lump in the other room starts to stir.  Chances are, we will all be snoozing for a while…



Drew n’ Cass