One month

This morning Bruk and I woke up with an extra hour of play time (Thank you Day light Savings!) Drew consistently gives me time to sleep in during the mornings, so today was his turn.

Bruk and I looked out the window for a while, which is his favorite “pass time” in the mornings. We talked about the trees and the grass and the cars in the parking lot. After discussing the colors and the sounds that the outside makes we proceeded to play with every single toy (and non-toy) in kitchen and living room. Bruk is a typical one year old, who loves to learn by touching and licking and then throwing it to see how far or hard it will hit the ground. Sometimes I’ve had enough of all that, but this morning was just simply amazing to watch him. Everything is so new to him and the simplest of things in life are so incredible. He smiles at the chair leg as he tries to wiggle it. The amazement in his eyes as he watches the truck vroom across the carpet is so refreshing. Even the dripping sound of my chai he just spilt all over the floor makes me tear up. Life is so simple and wonderful to him. It makes me watch and appreciate all that life has for us together.

We turned on some music and danced around a bit and then I picked him up and we slow danced in our PJ’s for as long as he would let me hold him. A song came on called “One thing remains”. It talks about how God will always remain. After all the hurt and pain and confusion that life sometimes brings. His love remains. My eyes welled up with tears just thinking of what the past two years have been for Drew and I. There has been a lot of hurt and confusion during this process. BUT NOW- I look at this sweet little boy as we twirl around and think- Look at what God did. Bruk is here in the flesh and happy as ever. I understand that there will be many more trials in life and things that just plain hurt  to the bone. But one thing remains, and for that I am so grateful.

Today is Bruks one month anniversary of being home with us. What a gift to have such a beautiful moment with him this morning. I love him so much and cant help but sing it out loud to you today!

Thanks for reading 🙂