Two months

Bruk is a fast learner. ¬†Sometimes that works out to be a great thing, sometimes…not so much ūüôā

On the good side of that spectrum, he has picked up some simple words and baby sign to tell us what he wants. ¬†So he points his little fingers together and pushes out a “mmmmo” [“more”] for just about everything. ¬†It started with wanting more food, but has evolved into his go-to word for soliciting more times down the slide or pulls across the floor or tosses in the air.

On the other side of the spectrum he has learned [from dad] that hitting yourself on the head is funny. ¬†One time I threw a pillow up in the air, let it come down on my head and said “owww”. ¬†He laughed sooo hard. ¬†So I did it again. ¬†It kinda became the comic relief if he was in a bad mood. ¬†BUUUT like I said, he is a fast learner. ¬†So now he will smack himself [hard] in the head and say “owww” before screeching with laughter. ¬†And on top of that, anytime anyone says “ow” for any reason, he¬†immediately¬†resorts to the same head smacking action. ¬† Something tells me we should think of some alternative entertainment.

Alright, alright…we know what you really want. ¬†Here are some pics of the cutest kid in the universe.


So, when people ask me “how are you doing?”, I have a variety of responses but they all center around one thing. ¬†I truly LOVE being a dad. ¬†It hasn’t been easy going from “zero to toddler”, but so far the daily rewards of raising Bruk with the most amazing woman in the world, have far outweighed the difficulties.