Two months

Bruk is a fast learner.  Sometimes that works out to be a great thing, sometimes…not so much 🙂

On the good side of that spectrum, he has picked up some simple words and baby sign to tell us what he wants.  So he points his little fingers together and pushes out a “mmmmo” [“more”] for just about everything.  It started with wanting more food, but has evolved into his go-to word for soliciting more times down the slide or pulls across the floor or tosses in the air.

On the other side of the spectrum he has learned [from dad] that hitting yourself on the head is funny.  One time I threw a pillow up in the air, let it come down on my head and said “owww”.  He laughed sooo hard.  So I did it again.  It kinda became the comic relief if he was in a bad mood.  BUUUT like I said, he is a fast learner.  So now he will smack himself [hard] in the head and say “owww” before screeching with laughter.  And on top of that, anytime anyone says “ow” for any reason, he immediately resorts to the same head smacking action.   Something tells me we should think of some alternative entertainment.

Alright, alright…we know what you really want.  Here are some pics of the cutest kid in the universe.


So, when people ask me “how are you doing?”, I have a variety of responses but they all center around one thing.  I truly LOVE being a dad.  It hasn’t been easy going from “zero to toddler”, but so far the daily rewards of raising Bruk with the most amazing woman in the world, have far outweighed the difficulties.



  1. hannah · December 5, 2012

    Love it! And Bruk can sure rock those little red boots.


  2. Cassie · December 5, 2012

    Yeah he loves them a little too much! He clicks around the kitchen floor in them and smirks at himself in the mirror. Whata goober. 😉


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