Three months


Well… if you can believe it, Bruk has been home for 3 months and has grown so much. No literally- he got his first pair of skinny jeans by growing into his regular ones. He looks dorky, but hopefully soon he will be in the double digits on the growth charts and wearing his actual age appropriate clothing;) He’s still rockin the 12 month pants, but as Drew can attest to… he is a full blown toddler!!

Some of his toddler tendencies are as follows:

If there is a table or anything resembling a table, he WILL climb onto it!

coffee table

table tall

table dude

on the bin

People say that teenagers will “eat you out of house and home”… well then we have a teenager in a 17month old body!

the smirk

eat monster

He is also becoming much more social.

Bruk n Brad


with will

Bruk has brought us so much Joy, we celebrated his first Christmas at home. It was precious to see him with family. What a loved little fella! He is pretty good at opening gifts, but even better at playing in the tissue paper.

christmas time

christmas paper

B&W Christmas

How cool is it that he is ours forever! I love this boy more and more everyday.

Thanks for reading,







  1. Amy · January 5, 2013

    Missing Little Dude and you guys so much!! Love the update 🙂


  2. Ronnie Dory · January 8, 2013

    He is now the light of your lives and I can see it in eyes suddenly how much he loves his new life. Thank you for giving him the opportunity to live!


  3. jules · January 8, 2013

    You just keep warming up my heart!!!


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