Month Four

Well as you can tell from our post being 2 days behind schedule… its been a wild month! Can you even believe its February already?! I’m still lost in twenty twelve, wondering who won the presidential election! Life moves a bit quicker with this dude in the picture.  Bruk turned 18 months on the 30th and truly acts like it!

Here’s our month in review for you.

On January 7th- we celebrated Melkam Gena (the traditional Ethiopian Christmas) with our friends. It was a sweet time to celebrate the boys and let them whack each other with Ethiopian swing drums.


That next week some good friends from PA came to visit.  My friends daughter, Julia has officially named Bruk- Bruky Boy.  It was so sweet to see them play and fight and make up again just like a toddlers should:)



Bruk saw snow for the first time! Drew and I are used to Northern snowfall which tends to be a little “fluffier” than here in NC. Nontheless… this was Bruks first experience with that white icy stuff.

snow 1


He got to play with a Nerf gun for the first time. Bruk was gently ushered into true boyhood that day.  It was awesome!


This month Bruk has shown so much more independence. Even though that independence causes us a little more anxiety and work, it is really wonderful to see him wanting to do things on his own.

Such as…

Feeding himself. 


And making big messes…

photo (6)

 Oh, and how could I forget!?  He got his first haircut too 🙂 Homeboy was a trooper. By the time we left the barber, he had the eye of every person in the room! What a stud.


Thanks for caring about us and looking at pictures of Bruky Boy. He’s stealin’ hearts and takin’ names.

So glad I get to be called his momma.



One comment

  1. Stephanie Pyne · February 7, 2013

    So excited to be reading about you guys goings on. Excited for and Praying for you. Looking forward to walking in your shoes someday.


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