Six Months

    For HALF A YEAR we have been chasing this little Ethiopian kid around our apartment.  He’s growing teeth and muscles. He’s eating horses and whole chickens.  He’s busting out of all his clothes like The Incredible Hulk.  And he is the sweetest thing to ever happen to us.  It’s not hard to brag when people ask about him.  And it isn’t hard to tell anyone the latest Bruktastic stories.  Being a dad is awesome, but it sure is nice to do it with this sweet sweet lady o’ mine.  Cassie puts on the wonder woman cape every day and crushes the mom job.  It blows my mind how good she is with our little man.  Sometimes I try to imagine doing this without her and it makes me want to vomit on my shoes.  Or worse.  Speaking of projectile vomit…we have eaten so much candy in the past couple weeks that I am surprised one of us hasn’t been admitted to the hospital.  And speaking of sugar and helicopters…watch this video of Bruk.  Notice how much he wants the Easter eggs and how much he wants to fly the helicopter.  Helicopter wins.  That’s my boy!



One comment

  1. hannah · April 5, 2013

    That’s so cool! Why do we live on opposite coasts?? Can we please come up with a plan to live closer together?


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