11 months

So… Once in a while drew and I will write to ourselves or each other on this cool site called futureme.org. Its super easy to do. Basically, you write an email. Set a date in the future. And then the kind folks at “futureme” send it back to you on that chosen date. Get it?

Well… Wednesday was Drew’s 30th birthday and apparently last year he wrote to himself – asking future me to send his email back to him the day after his 30th b day.
We normally just keep these emails to ourselves, but I’ve asked Drew if we could share this one. Its special seeing as Wednesday was 11 months with Bruk boy! Hope it encourages you as it did us….


Dear FutureMe,

I am writing to you one day after your 29th birthday and one day before you hear back from the US Embassy in Ethiopia as to whether you can travel to pick up you son. Yes, your SON! By now you have had one whole year with him and have probably lost more hair. By now you love Cassie even more than you could imagine. By now your still writing three sentences in a row with the same first few words because you think it sounds cool.

Today I feel…happy. I don’t know what the email will say tomorrow but that’s ok. God has been faithful to you for 29 years. He has given you everything you need right when you need it. Even a ton of things you just want. But what is great about his timing is that he continues to let things play out to the last minute, which gives you and Cassie humility. You have to trust him till the moment things look the most difficult, which makes the gift that much more powerful. I think God is trying to keep you humble. Don’t lose that. You may earn more money by now but don’t let that mess with the joy you receive by giving more money away. There is some couple out there who needs to be blessed by the money God has entrusted to your care. Yes they will be blessed by the dollars but the true blessing is that they will be reminded of God’s care just as you have so many times. The reminder of God’s love has nowhere to hang a price tag.

Back to Bruk. You are anticipating this moment in about the same way as your wedding day. You are anxious about seeing him because you want him to accept you when the day comes to bring him home. You are being stirred up to lead him as you were stirred to lead Cassie as a husband. You love him more than words could express but your ready to commit your life to him.

Still, it is hard to imagine what a year with him will do to you and Cassie. You had 5 days with him, 3 as your son…but now you have had him for well over 300. Take a minute today to reflect on this day with Cassie. Tell her that you love her. Think about the beauty of anticipation. Hold your son and give him a kiss from 1 year ago Drew. So jealous of you right now.



One comment

  1. Laurie · September 6, 2013

    Drew, what a neat thing to do and wonderful way to make memories with your family. God bless you as you continue to cherish Cassie, Bruk and the next addition to the Jackson family.


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