The Jackson’s Story (so far!)


Drew and Cassie first met while attending college in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania.  Cassie had been studying there for a few years before Drew arrived as a transfer student from UNCW.  It wasn’t long before they noticed each other (must have been the blonde hair and blue eyes connection 🙂 ) and began finding ways to spend time together.

Even though they went through a season of time apart, Cassie and Drew were made for each other.  And, on June 14th, 2008 they got hitched!

Soon afterward, they moved to sunny North Carolina and were bored out of their minds….                                         Actually, they started working crazy jobs, serving in their local church, and over-all LOVING what God was doing in NC!

After a couple years of marriage, Drew and Cassie decided it was time to start planning for a family.  And, even though trying to get pregnant was exciting to think about, God kept drawing their hearts toward adopting first.



The next chapters are still being written….


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  1. Ashley Atnip · July 26, 2012

    Hi. Hope you are doing well and adjusting. Have you heard anything from Embassy yet? Monica told me that she was submitted today, which is hopefully good news for all of us. We are still waiting to hear something. We are considering just one of us traveling but I am hoping that it may work for me to travel over with another family. Love to hear from you, Ashley Atnip


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