the kids section

We had our first experience with the kids section at Target.  Let’s just say, it was humbling…wait, no…disorienting.  It kinda felt like when you go to the grocery store but forget a list and just wander down each isle trying to pick out the things you think you need.  We had a list.  But it was virtually useless against the tidal wave of merchandise we were wading into.

Our meandering started in the clothes section where overly cute graphic T’s graced each rack.

Buying diapers is especially confusing if you don’t really know how big your baby is.  We know 11 months, can stand with the help of a table, has a couple teeth, etc.   But apparently it helps to know how much the kid weighs.  And even though Debby [she hasn’t picked a grandma name yet] was with us she made clear that it’s been a few decades since she’s been down this isle.  Sorry mom.

 By comparison, diapers were pretty easy though.  It was the toys, food and accessories isles that brought us to the realization of how ill prepared we were for this trip.  

Girls have a way of blurring the lines between what color schemes work for boys or girls, and so does Target.  There were at least a few times that the question “which one?” was asked and each time I had to say, “Uhhh….the one that’s for a BOY”.  

We don’t even know if we got everything we need for the trip but we did get a crash course in grabbing baby gear.  Let’s just say it was  somewhat successful but mostly of fun.  Either way, we better be ready because we leave for Ethiopia in 5 days!

calling all creative types

                                                                                   We just found out that there is a family from Florida traveling to Ethiopia in about 3 weeks.  They’ll be going to the same house where Bruk is staying!  Even though we can’t ask them to take pictures we will likely be able to send a “care-package” with them.  Can you help us think of some creative ways to show this little guy that we love him without making that family carry a huge box?  We don’t really know yet what an almost 1year old boy might like to look at/play with.  Of course, we will probably send him at least a picture of “mommy and daddy” but there must be more clever ideas out there.  So what do you think?  

Also, lots of people have been asking to see our adoption story video from Silent Auction.  Well, we are happy to say that it’s almost ready.  If you check back on Monday [June 25th] we will post a link where you can watch the whole thing!


Thanks for checking in on us!


Almost ready to wait…

Well… this is my first time actually writing a post for the blog. Drew is much better at wording things, but today i will just speak to you from my heart.
This morning Drew and I went to the U.S. Immigration office to get our fingerprints done. They first ask us to stand loose, whatever that means :), as to not mess up their finger print design they are about to create. Then they proceed to smush our fingers onto this scanner lookin’ thing, and that’s where the magic happens. Over and over again, the women moved our fingers from left to right in effort to carefully view her artwork and be sure that every line in our little fingers could be viewed. Its pretty cool that no two people have the same design right? By the way… what every happened to ink? I was totally expecting to be washing my fingers all day trying to get all the ink between the crevices of my finger tips. But I digress…. These fingerprints were a monumental moment for us. This was the last of all of our paperwork that needed to be completed. After going through police checks, reference letters, medical clearances, case work evaluations, soggy returned applications and more, we are finally at the home stretch. Very soon we will be sending our paperwork to Ethiopia and be placed on the official “waiting list”.

Today I am contemplating what waiting is…

“they” say that the waiting is the hard part. Its the time when there is nothing we can do anymore except be patient. We just wait until they surprise attack us with a phone call and say, “book a fight- your child is waiting for you”! The average wait right now is about 10.5 months, so we hear. It is always changing, so we are trying not to expect any sort of time frame, other than when God wants our child to come home, then they will come home. While the thought of waiting absolutely frustrates me, I know there is benefit in the waiting. Some super exciting news is that our sweet friends Jim and Emily who are adopting as well, just received a referral last Friday!!! (A referral is when your agency calls to let you know that they have matched you with a child! They send you as much information as they have on the child and you can go visit them for the first time). So, our friends are going to be picking up their 21 month old little boy from Ethiopia!!! We could’nt be any happier for them. This waiting process is not for the “faint of heart” so we hear. Jim and Emily have walked this road with faith and frustration and commitment and are seeing now the beauty of waiting. They are an example to us and an encouragement as we continue on in this process.
I can only trust as we start this waiting period. Trust that we are doing the right thing. Trust that we aren’t alone. Trust that there is a child out their waiting for us as well. I trust that God is with us in this, and he is guiding us even as we wait. Today I cant help but be thankful to be Drew’s wife. He is the most patient and thought out man I know, and God knows I need him as a reminder of how waiting can be a reward in itself. I would love to have a child in our arms tomorrow, but we need this process of “wait”. We are being prepared for something greater than we could ever imagine.

If you want to check out Jim and Emily’s blog, CLICK HERE.   They just posted about their little boy 🙂