Being with our family is truly refreshing.  We are on vacation with the whole “momma Jackson” side of the crew at Emerald Isle, NC.  Mom was able to secure a house for this week that we have come to for several years and is one of those places on this planet that we feel instantly relaxed.  It is Cassie’s first time being here, and just as I was excited to show her a place that means so much to me, we have started talking about how exciting it will be to introduce our little guy or girl to these meaningful places in our life.

Last night after dinner, we took the opportunity with everyone in one spot to just put everything out on the table.  Though our family has been fantastically supportive of this adoption, we wanted to remind them (and ourselves!) that we would soon be a multi-ethnic family.  It’s a big deal to us.  We explained that we would look to our family more than any other group for encouragement and love.  A comment that was particularly meaningful last night was Gramps saying with a sincere smile,

“well, I’ve got a knee waiting for him to sit on”.

We weren’t sure how the “sages” in our family would handle the race issue because they were part of a generation that was very different socially.  So, his comment was like a spiritual sigh of relief in our hearts.  The depth at which our family (on both sides!) loves us is a blessing beyond measure in our lives.   AND in just a couple short weeks we will meet up with Brad and Marianne in AZ!  Yes!  Did we mention we love our fam?


  1. Marianne · July 17, 2011

    Your Grandfathers message is short and to the point. What a beautiful answer.


  2. Jordan Watkins · July 19, 2011

    I love that 🙂 Yay for hearts like yours!


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