#bumpintheroad [video]

Have you ever received a package or letter back from the post office that is completely destroyed?  Us either….until now!

Yep, our package to the USCIS came back soaking wet and all crumpled up.  On the plus side, they did give us a friendly note to ease any frustrations we might have.  It went kinda like, “Sorry about that, but sometimes this kinda thing happens” (our paraphrase).  Anyway, we captured the moment  on video for you all to “enjoy”.


P.S. We were able to get the forms sent back out only a couple days later with very little trouble.  Thanks for watching! 🙂



  1. Bradley · September 30, 2011

    Oh how I felt your pain watching that video. I love you two and hope you two will be able to recover this lose. I am sending you both Air Hugs!


    • wecantadopt · September 30, 2011

      Thanks Brad! Hugs received 🙂


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